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How to Build a Layette

How to Build a Layette

Here at Baby Buttons Boutique know that it can be difficult to decide what all a new baby will need. So we have partnered with Bambini Layette's out of California, USA to provide everything your newest little will use over the first year or so.

Below you will find a guide to help you out. Please keep in mind this is just a list to help guide you, we know every baby is unique and may require less or more of what is listed. 

If you decide that buying each individual item is too daunting, don't worry we have you covered with gift sets already set up! You can find them by clicking here.


Layette Guide


4-6 Sleeveless Tank Tops
4-6 Short Sleeve T-Shirts
4-6 Long Sleeve T-Shirts

4-6 Sleeveless One Pieces (a.k.a. Onesies)
6-8 Short Sleeve One Pieces
4-6 Long Sleeve One Pieces

4-6 Side Snap T-Shirts
4-6 Shits/Pants
1-2 Cardigans

1-2 PJ Sets
1-2 Union Suits

1-2 Gowns
4-6 Baby Wear Outfits
4-6 Sleep & Play Baby Grows

Baby Accessories:

3-6 Hooded Towels
4-6 Receiving Blankets
6-9 Wash Cloths

1-2 Wash Cloth Mittens
1-2 After Bath Cover-ups
3-6 Fleece Crib Blankets


1-2 Caps & Booties
1-2 Pairs of Mittens
4-6 Drool Bibs

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