About Us

 Welcome to Baby Buttons Boutique! 

Who We Are:

We are a small family run website only baby/children's clothing boutique. We exist to provide our customers with trendy fashions at affordable prices. We know all too well how quickly little ones can go through several outfits in a day and how that can add up! We also know that our little ones grow too fast to keep up, therefore we are starting to offer bigger sizes to grow with all of the little ones! 

About Our Owner:

My name is Patty Doran and I am a working mom to one beautiful little girl, with a loving and supportive husband. I am from the small town of Paducah, KY where we are currently living, working, and raising our little family. I took over as the owner of Baby Buttons Boutique on December 10th of 2018 and I look forward to providing the same level of service you have come to know and love from the previous owner Bridgette. 


Enjoy all Baby Buttons Boutique has to offer. As always Happy Shopping! 




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